IRRISmart introduces new ways
of thinking to irrigation


A more efficient irrigation

Irrigation suggestion optimized

Thanks to IRRISmart, irrigation can be reserved where it is needed, at the best moment and using the right water amount.
IRRISmart advices farmers accordingly to their choices in farm configuration or management, but they will always be aware and they will decide whether apply suggetions or not.


Improvement of farm irrigation management

Keeping all on track, easily

With just one tool farmers can monitor the entire set of fields and schedule irrigation on time, considering at a glance the irrigation methods, the distribution of irrigation sectors and different soil textures, morphology and even meteorology within the farm.


Saving water resources

For farmers and the environment

IRRISmart will suggest you the best irrigation strategy, field by field, satisfying your needs and your constraints, optimizing the water amount and saving water. Depending on irrigation strategy and crop variety, water savings could range between 10 and 40% compared to the traditional irrigation management.


Savings on management costs

More efficiency

Even if users favour the maximum irrigation amount (restoring the field capacity of the soil), IRRISmart allow to save costs in water supplying. It also fovour different degrees of water savings, preserving crop wealth and yield: more water savings means more costs savings.


Optimal management in severe environmental conditions

Prompt solutions to sudden problems

IRRISmart adapts its suggestions to the current climatic and environmental status in real-time, thanks to the sensors net in field.
For example, weather data from meteo stations or air temperature and humidity data from stations positioned in strategic places could allow users to manage sudden spike of high temperature and extremely low humidity, recalculating irrigation suggestions and sending appropriate alerts to farmers.


Quality improvement

Regulated water deficit

IRRISmart mathematical models are so adaptive to differentiate the irrigation suggestion considering the current phenological stage of the crop; this could be useful to favour, in particular development stages, quality improvements of the final product causing a limited water stress, fully automated within IRRISmart.


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