IRRISmart is a consulting service
other than a software tool

A lot of software and sensors for irrigation management are available in the market, but almost always the farmer is left alone to manage options and understand results during operational work.
Informatica ambientale thinks that is time for a change in perspective: farmer needs clear and accurate information but also his/her time is precious and should not be sacrificed for unnecessary jobs outside his competencies: this is the reason why we follow painstakingly each farm providing a tailor-made consultancy based on IRRISmart indications.


We are always available and, when needed, we will also come to your farm.

Moreover, Informatica ambientale can realize studies and analyses on several topics linked to your irrigation needs:

define the best irrigation operations analysing the weather trend of the last years

evaluate the efficiency of the current farm subdivision in irrigation sectors and their possible changing

investigate the current fertigation practices analysing the depth reached by each intervention

Informatica Ambientale

Via Giovanni Pacini, 62
20131 - Milano

+39 (0)2 87067760

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