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Informatica ambientale is a small copmpany from Italy. It designs and realizes integrated hardware-software systems for achieve a responsible and sustainable use of natural resources, intended as a limited common good (an externality, economically speaking). This topic is on everyone mind, but results are constrained by the deep knowledge of phenomena which regulate resource exploitation. Only scientifically sound and technologically innovative could provide information and data for a conscious and profitable use of environmental resources avoiding wastes. Our objective is just straight forward: provide users with tools (software, hardware, consultancy) which facilitate production and simultaneously reduce wastes.
A strong challenge, which can be faced with research and innovation.

Informatica ambientale has long-running partnerships with Italian Universities and Research institutes in environmental and agronomy fields and it invests in research and development for realizing innovative solution since 2006.

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If you are a consultancy firm in agronomy and you want to collaborate
or if you are a farm and want more information on IRRISmart

Contact us:

You can find us at

Via Giovanni Pacini, 62
20131 - Milano

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