New funding for smart irrigation in Sicily

Published by Andrea Di Guardo on

With a Directorate General Decree (D.D.G. 693 del 7 aprile 2020), the Agriculture Department of Sicily Region emitted the call 4.1 “Sostegno a investimenti nelle aziende agricole, Anno 2020″ (Support for investments in farms, Year 2020), by which it funds several structural and non-structural operations in Sicilian farms.

The decree, with annexes, could be downloaded at this regional web-site.

Also in this case, as it was for the corresponding call in Veneto and Lombardy regions, the call permits to cover 50% of incurring costs for the “implementation of farm water works”, either structural (i.e. new irrigation systems, reservoirs etc.) and improving efficiency. Among wfunded water works, the call funds explicitly “systems for water management and efficiency“. IRRISmart is one of the best representatives of this category.

Everyone may implement an essential service for farms in a very dry climate, also at reduced costs.

As ususal, those interested may contact us at the address, or may use the contact form.

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